Requesting Resources

If there is an article or book you need but you cannot access the material through the online catalog, CLIO, then we can assist you with obtaining that item.



Request books using either the Borrow Direct or Interlibrary Loan services:


  1. First, search in Borrow Direct, since these items will arrive faster and will be available for longer loan periods:
  1. If the title is not available via Borrow Direct, then use the Interlibrary Loan service to request it:



Request articles using the interlibrary loan service, ILLiad:


Offsite Items

Some items have a location listing of “Offsite."



You can request to have the relevant article or chapter from these items scanned and sent to you via e-mail. A second option is to have the item shipped to a campus library for viewing. You can find the request option on the right hand side of CLIO records with the Offsite listing. Watch the video below for detailed instructions on how to request offsite items. 


Request From Offsite


To learn more about Borrow Direct and Interlibrary Loan, see these Knowledge Base Articles or contact us: